Hi, I'm Ben. I make stuff.

I'm a student at Irvington High School. I like making stuff.

A simple todo list to stay organized and prioritize your tasks.

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Online School Scheduler

Tired of forgetting to click zoom links all the time? With support for block schedules and multiple sets of schedules, Online school scheduler opens your meeting links so you don't have to.

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Generate, create, and craft your own creations.
Discover satisfying and immersive physics.
Explore a world where objects affected by and not affected by gravity coexist.
Save and destroy your creations.

Features cube, sphere, triangle, polynomial, oscillating sine wave, and more generators.

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Nicknamed "Astroids times 10", KRAZE! is an action packed hypercasual game with epic music.

Avalible on Android and Windows, and browsers.

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RUN Ultraspeed

Epic nonstop run-jump action.

A fangame of Geometry Dash, but with a triangle.


A minimalist strategic puzzle-platform game about switching gravity and interacting with your environment.


Jump to the star by respawning and jumping on an older static version of yourself.